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5 key elements of digital transformation

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies have decided to take a step forward in their digital transformation process, both because they saw the opportunity to do so and because they were compelled by the loss of competitiveness compared to their rivals.

In fact, a significant number of businesses approaching us for support in this transition process ask, filled with uncertainty, about the steps they should take to evolve digitally and not perish in the attempt.

Here, we present a summary of the 5 key points we recommend undertaking before embarking on this transformative journey:


This is an essential exercise to understand the current situation of the company in terms of competitiveness, key business processes, and the respective SWOT analysis.


Based on the company’s analysis, it’s time to set the direction we want to follow. This involves redefining the business vision concerning the market and its evolution. This will define the digital or organizational transformation strategy to be carried out, and importantly, how long it is estimated to take place.


Crucial for the transformation to take root is involving the organization’s leadership in permeating the strategy and objectives at all levels. The management must radically transform its leadership level to genuinely champion this profound change.


Once the processes and technologies to be impacted are identified, setting short-term objectives with clear performance and progress indicators, including the level of team commitment, is important.


Regardless of the level of transformation established, creating a collaborative environment between teams is important so that everyone can embrace the changes and the new landscape of challenges that will arise in the future. Guiding employees through their own transformation is essential.

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