We have proven experience in implementing end-to-end SAP BI and Analytics projects across various business areas for analyzing the most important indicators of the company.

SAP Modules

Data models, reports, and dashboards on SAP ECC and S4HANA modules.

Finance (FI)

General Ledger Accounting (FI-GL)
Accounts Receivable (FI-AR)
Accounts Payable (FI-AP)
Fixed Assets (FI-AA)

Controlling (CO)

Profitability Analysis (CO-PA)
Product Costing (CO-PC)
Overhead Costs (CO-OM)
Cost Center Management
Profit Center Management

Commercial (SD)

Sales Documents
Delivery Management
Analysis and Tracking of Invoices
Types of Terms and Prices
Customer Management

Materials Management (MM)

Material Movements
Inventory Management (Parts, Cost, and Retail Price)
Purchase Orders
Supplier Management
Supplier Fill Rate

Planning (PP)

Production Planning and Control (PP)
Management of Manufacturing Orders and Production

Maintenance (PM)

Plant Maintenance (PM)
Maintenance process management
Time control
Team management
Expense control

Quality Management (QM)

Quality Process Management: Planning, Inspections, and Notifications.
Quality Order Management

Human Resources

Human Resources Management (HRM)
Time Management (TM)
Payroll Management (PM)
Organizational Structure (OS)
Planning and Analysis

Real Estate Management (RE)

Real Estate Management
Management of purchase and sale of buildings
Management of rental contracts
Claims management


Some of the indicators we have implemented in the different companies are:

Finance and Controlling Module

Profit & Loss (P&L)
Income Statements
Fixed Asset Amortization Analysis
Product Costs
Overhead Expenses
Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable Aging
Planning and Budgeting

Trade Indicators

Net Sales Analysis
Pending Delivery Orders
Cost of Sales Analysis
Discounts and Rebates Analysis
Price Analysis
Sales Comparisons
Customer Fill Rate

Procurement Indicators

Purchase Analysis (Historical)
Purchase Cycle Analysis
Sales over Expenses
Supplier Analysis
Delivery Times
Budget Deviation

Stocks and Production

Total Inventory ($ and Units)
Average Inventory
Inventory with no movements
Inventory Turnover
Demand Forecasting

Maintenance and Quality

Analysis of the maintenance order cycle
Downtime analysis
Maintenance operations
Order completion confirmations


Headcount and salary analysis
Recruitment process analysis
Performance analysis
Talent retention
Resource planning and simulation

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